Our Services

Save Time. Save Money.

We provide quality service every time. Customer satisfaction comes at a great value when choosing Tidy Rides for your auto detailing needs.
Our mission is to provide our clients with a friendly and convenient experience along with our top quality services.

beautiful car exterior by tidy rides
Exterior Auto Detailing

Appearance is everything! With our professional exterior auto detailing service we’ll leave you looking like you just bought the car you’re driving in! Turn heads with the new car look!

interior car detailing by tidy rides
Interior Auto Detailing

Don’t stop with exterior! What if they have to get in? Again, let us help you look pristine with our interior auto detailing service! We make you look good… inside and out!

preparation for sale - tidy rides
Preparing To Sell?

Are you looking to sell your car? Do what the dealerships do! Get your car detailed and sell it for a few extra bucks. Who’s going to buy a dirty car?

Why Choose Tidy Rides?

Because we're the best!

Besides quality work, we offer several reasons why Tidy Rides is the best detailing company around. With our wide verity of packages there’s one for everyone! During our cleaning process we clean with steam. Unlike high pressure washes, steam is very paint friendly,  using a lot less water, and no chemical run off. Our interior steam process not only disinfectant your ride but eliminates all odors as well. 

We also come to you! 

On your schedule, when you want it. Why waste time taking your ride to a shop when you can get it done at the luxary of your own home or at work making money! 

Aside from all of that!

We pay attention to detail with a cheaper price. Our professional detailers are friendly, car loving people. 

Too good to be true? No! 

We're Experienced!

We deliver results you'll love!

Our detailing technicians have years of experience so you know you’re in good hands. We take pride in what we do, and we’re passionate about delivering the best results possible. Along with being professional, we’re affordable.

There’s really no excuse for not getting your car detailed every once in a while. Not only does it retain your cars value on the market, but who doesn’t love a nice clean car to get into and show off? What better feeling then pulling up to a stoplight and seeing your stoplight neighbor use your cars reflection to check themselves out!

We're Responsive

We’re really easy to get in touch with. You can either contact us on here or give us a call. We’re dying to hear from you!

Great Results

We always leave you with the best results possible. If we can’t see your smiling behind us through the reflection, then something is wrong.

Eco Friendly

We use eco-friendly products and do our best to save on water consumption.

Hand Wash

For a quality detail, we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. A quality detail is guaranteed every time.