About Tidy Rides

Auto Detailing Service

Tidy Rides is your one stop shop for auto detailing. We cover a multitude of services to ensure we can accommodate many requests for our clients’ vehicles. We know how important your vehicle is, and for something you work so hard for, why not take the best care of it possible? It’s time to show off a fresh ride and we’re here to help you do that!

  • We only have Attentive, Experienced Professionals on staff
  • We thrive on complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Consistent detailing Improves Your Cars Resale Value
  • We Are Licensed & Insured
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Popular Questions


Did your Columbus Location Change?

Yes! As of June 2022, Tidy Rides Columbus is located on 1381 W Third Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212. We hope to see you & your vehicle there very soon!

Do you offer PPF or Window Tinting?

Currently, we offer PPF & Window Tinting services at our Tidy Rides Columbus location. We offer auto detailing, ceramic coating, & sale preparation at both Tidy Rides Columbus and Findlay.

Do you offer Mobile Detailing?

As a day-to-day service, we do not offer Mobile Detailing. However, if you have a vehicle that requires specific preservation or you have a high-volume of vehicles to be serviced, we are happy to accommodate! Feel free to call or email us so we can work around your schedule!

Tidy Rides Crew

About Us

Tidy Rides is an auto-detailing company founded by two passionate, car-loving college students who wanted to help others take the best care of their vehicle.  As auto enthusiasts, Zach and Mitchell were always found cleaning their cars in the parking lot of their apartment complex. They love the feeling of having a clean car almost as much as they love driving them. Combined with their dedication & reliability, Tidy Rides has quickly turned into one of the best professional detailing services in Columbus, Findlay and immediate, surrounding areas. Bring your vehicle to them, call with any questions, or just stop in to find out why!