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Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

Quality service & attention-to-detail are our top priorities when taking care of your vehicle. We promise you will be fully satisfied with the results! Your satisfaction also comes with great value when choosing Tidy Rides for your auto-care needs: we offer several package deals & el carte options as well.

Please note that window tinting & paint-protection film are only available at our Columbus location. See below for more details, or contact us with any questions!

Exterior & Interior Auto Detailing

Appearance is everything! With our professional exterior & interior detailing services, we’ll leave your vehicle looking like the day you bought it! Turn heads with the new car look while preserving the quality of your paint, fabric, & more.

Window Tinting

Not only does window tinting give your vehicle more privacy & security, but it protects your interior from fading in damaging sunlight. Only available at Tidy Rides Columbus, this tinting service will also help keep your car’s internal temperature much cooler – especially in the summertime heat!


Our ceramic coating services will help protect your paint & give it an eye-catching, glossy finish. We apply a semi-permanent polymer coating (either Jax Wax Graphene or System X) to your vehicle to keep rust, UV-damage, & other small blemishes at bay.


Sales Preparation

Are you looking to sell your car? Do what the dealerships do! Consult with a Tidy Rides professional to understand what you’ll need to clean, then sell it for a few extra bucks. After all, who’s going to buy a dirty car?

Paint Protection Film

With our PPF services at Tidy Rides Columbus, your car’s paint will stay pristine & better resist scratches, dust, & sun-bleaching caused from everyday driving.

We offer the options of Partial, Full Front, Full Body, and even High Impact. This durable film also protects your car from many other contaminants – water & mud will slide right off!

Why Choose Tidy Rides?

Detailing is an Art We Practice Every Day

Besides quality work, we offer several reasons why Tidy Rides is the best detailing company around. With our wide verity of packages, there’s one for everyone! During our cleaning process, we clean with steam. Unlike high pressure washes, steam is very paint friendly,  uses much less water, and no chemical run off. Our interior steam process not only disinfectant your ride but eliminates all odors as well. 

Aside from all of that!

We pay attention to detail with a cheaper price. This maintains the integrity of your vehicle as well as your wallet. Our professional detailers are friendly, car loving people that will treat your car & it’s unique needs with the utmost priority.

Too good to be true? No! You can start with a free paint inspection, or

We're Responsive

We’d love to hear from you! You can reach out by phone or email, & our owners/staff will reach out to you personally.

Great Results

We always leave you with the best results possible. If we can’t see your smiling behind us through the reflection, then we haven’t reached our high-quality standards.

High-Quality Products

We use top-notch products (such as Jax Wax and Element 119) to better ensure the health & longevity of your vehicle or get it ready for selling.

Hand Wash

For a quality detail, we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. And since your vehicle is uniquely your own, we make sure to personalize our detailing to exactly what it needs.