Window Tinting

Exclusively Offered at Tidy Rides Columbus

Not only does window tint provide a layer of privacy to your vehicle, but it prevents UV damage as well. Our tints can lead to less AC usage & greater protection from interior sun-bleaching. Get ready for a cooler ride!

As an indirect result of protecting your vehicle, your skin is also guarded from harmful UV rays. However, a dark tint isn’t required for this to take effect – we have clear/light options also!

Tidy Rides Columbus utilizes Llumar® window tint – see more about the benefits of our partnership with Llumar® below:


Tidy Rides Columbus is proud to have a fully trained & certified Llumar® window tint technician.

Llumar® has an impeccable, long-lasting reputation in the auto-detailing industry. They are also very selective in their chosen distributors. This is why we are so excited to offer this exclusive product to you!

Contact us for a personalized quote. We will address all areas of concern & ensure you choose the best tinting option for your vehicle!


Depending on your style preference, you have the choices of:

  • Ceramic,
  • Metallized,
  • Dyed, and
  • Clear.

Based on the style you choose, you will also have several shades available. These can range from Light to Limousine-Level Dark. Depending on your needs, even a Clear or Light tinting will provide you with beneficial, everyday protection.

Why Choose Tidy Rides?

Detailing is an Art We Practice Every Day

Besides quality work, we offer several reasons why Tidy Rides is the best detailing company around. With our wide verity of packages & a la carte options, there’s something for everyone! We utilize steam during our meticulous cleaning process. Unlike high pressure washes, steam is very paint friendly,  uses much less water, and no chemical run off. Our interior steam process not only disinfects your ride, but eliminates all odors as well. 

Aside from all of that!

Our professional detailers are friendly, car loving people that will treat your car & it’s unique needs with the utmost priority. We are always happy to answer any questions & address any concerns you have!

You can start with a free paint inspection, or

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We always leave you with the best results possible. If we can’t see your smiling behind us through the reflection, then we haven’t reached our high-quality standards.

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We use top-notch products (such as Jax Wax and Element 119) to better ensure the health & longevity of your vehicle or get it ready for selling.

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For a quality detail, we’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty. And since your vehicle is uniquely your own, we make sure to personalize our detailing to exactly what it needs.