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    Wash packages

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    • Interior Gold
      $ 225 00
      180 min
      • Leather Conditioned
      • Leather Protected
      • Shampoo Carpet
      • Steam Clean Carpets/Mats/Fabric
      • Vinyl Cleaned/Conditioned & Protected
      • Windows Cleaned & Streak Free
    • Interior & Exterior Gold
      $ 375 00
      170 min
      • Leather Conditioned
      • Leather Protected
      • Shampoo Carpet
      • Steam Clean Carpets/Mats/Fabric
      • Vinyl Cleaned/Conditioned & Protected
    • Exterior Silver
      $ 150 00
      90 min
      • Carnauba Paste Wax
    • Bronze (Maintenance)
      $ 60 00
      35 min
      • Windows In & Out
      • Interior Vacuum
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    • Carnauba Paste Wax More... Less...
      Hand applied carnauba paste wax
      90 min
    • Leather Conditioned More... Less...
      Condition leather in vehicle.
      30 min
    • Leather Protected More... Less...
      Protect leather in vehicle.
      20 min
    • Shampoo Carpet More... Less...
      Shampoo carpet in the interior of vehicle.
      30 min
    • Steam Clean Carpets/Mats/Fabric More... Less...
      Steam clean all carpets, floor mats, and fabric in vehicle.
      80 min
    • System X - Diamond SS Ceramic Coating (8 year) More... Less...
      • Price depends on level on polishing needed
      1441 min
    • Vinyl Cleaned/Conditioned & Protected More... Less...
      Vinyl is cleaned, conditional, and protected in vehicle.
      10 min
    • Windows Cleaned & Streak Free More... Less...
      Windows cleaned and streak free.
      10 min
    • Windows In & Out More... Less...
      We clean the inside of your windscreen and other interior windows. We give special attention to the rear view mirror and any vanity mirrors. If you have got a glass sunroof that will be cleaned too.
      10 min
    • Interior Vacuum More... Less...
      We vacuum your seats, including all the creases in your fabric or leather, carpets and mats. We will not miss under your seats.
      25 min
    • Engine Steam Clean
      30 min
    More... Less...
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